The Technology that Works for State Pre-K

If you are part of a Universal Pre-Kindergarten program or receive state funding for your preschool, Kaymbu makes it simple to track student development against your state’s early learning framework. The COR Advantage assessment, developed by HighScope Educational Research Foundation and powered by Kaymbu’s cutting-edge technology is aligned with state standards in every state. You can find your state’s alignment here. Use the COR Advantage research-backed indicators or create custom child development portfolios based on your state standards. 

Features that Empower State Pre-K Teachers

Additional features designed with state preschool programs in mind include:

  • The COR Advantage valid and reliable assessment, backed by decades of research at HighScope
  • Custom, easy-to-create reports that satisfy state funding requirements
  • Digital messaging and newsletters to families via email and text
  • Time-saving digital daily sheets
  • Free, self-guided online professional development, including a COR Advantage inter-rater reliability course and quiz