Preschool Providers Prefer Kaymbu

Kaymbu includes a suite of tools meant to deepen the relationship between home and school. That’s why Kaymbu’s family engagement features are used by large childcare chains, franchises, and in-home programs all over the world. With just a few taps, a teacher can take a photo of a child’s development, add it to the child assessment portfolio, and include it in a newsletter to digitally send to that child’s family at the end of the week.

Features that Make Your Program Stand Out

Here are some of the Kaymbu features that delight staff and families at private preschool and childcare programs:

  • Beautiful, easy-to-create family reports that make it easy for parents to understand how their children are developing
  • Instant sharing of photos, videos, and notes via email, text, and a dedicated parent app
  • Time-saving digital daily sheets
  • Free, self-guided online professional development