Documenting Literacy Development

Why Does Literacy Matter in Early Childhood?

Learning to read is not something that just suddenly starts in Kindergarten. The ability to read depends on the successful acquisition of language and emergent literacy skills that children begin to develop at birth. And upon entry to Kindergarten, children are already expected to be able to:

And many more!

Supporting Literacy Development in Early Childhood is Hard!

Reading books aloud to children is a widely supported and common practice. It allows children to begin to build their oral language, comprehension skills, and fosters a love of literacy. But, effectively supporting the development of foundational literacy skills requires more than just reading books aloud. It requires thoughtful planning so that a child is able to purposefully progress along a continuum of skills.

Yet, children progress and develop these skills at vastly different rates and early childhood educators must find a way to support all of their students. Preparing children for Kindergarten requires intentional planning grounded on helpful, accurate, and easily collectable data that provides educators with insights into each child’s unique abilities. In order to support all students in literacy development, educators need an effective and easy-to-use tool designed specifically for early childhood educators that can support instruction rather than inhibit it.

Supporting Effective Literacy Development

COR Advantage, developed by HighScope and powered by Kaymbu’s cutting-edge technology, provides a research-backed solution that helps teachers measure and effectively scaffold student development in the seven most important, fundamental literacy skills including:

  1. Speaking
  2. Listening and comprehension
  3. Phonological awareness
  4. Alphabetic knowledge
  5. Reading
  6. Book enjoyment
  7. Writing

Designed and validated to prepare children for Kindergarten, Kaymbu’s COR Advantage helps teachers focus on the skills that matter most.

With Kaymbu, teachers document student development through photos, videos, and notes. The COR Advantage developmental indicators guide teachers through age-appropriate progressions for each of these seven fundamental skills, allowing them to identify the next milestone each child must reach. With real-time data and reports, Kaymbu allows teachers to effectively individualize and plan lessons so that they can ensure each child progresses on the path to Kindergarten-readiness.

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