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“My teachers absolutely love the new COR Advantage platform. They love that they can send reports in Spanish, the parents’ home language. And they love that when they reach out to the customer service team, they will individualize information for us the same way we do for our kids.”

RCMA Program Director in Florida

COR Advantage is approved for Florida’s School Readiness Program

Florida’s Office of Early Learning re-approved COR Advantage as a School Readiness child assessment tool. The COR Advantage assessment, developed by HighScope Educational Research Foundation and powered by Kaymbu’s user-friendly technology, is aligned to Florida Early Learning and Development Standards and can be used to track child progress on Florida state standards. Our team offers thorough professional learning support to ensure your implementation is a success. 

Why do Florida educators love Kaymbu?

Kaymbu’s assessment module, COR Advantage, is built on 36 items that are proven by research to best prepare children for school success. With the fewest items of any early childhood assessment, COR Advantage saves teachers time, so they can maximize learning time with children and stay focused on what matters most.

Teachers can use Kaymbu to create individualized lesson plans to scaffold instruction, detailed reports on child, classroom, and program progress, NAEYC accreditation portfolios, and engaging resources to communicate with families.

With Kaymbu, you get:

  1. The powerful COR Advantage assessment
  2. Real-time data reporting
  3. Integrated family engagement
  4. Translation for family communication
  5. User-friendly technology
  6. A responsive support team

More Questions?

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