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HighScope Conference Recap: Why Does Data Matter?

By Anna Marrs | May 27, 2019

The whole COR Advantage team is feeling energized after the HighScope International Conference! We loved being surrounded by and learning from such an amazing community of dedicated, insightful, and inspiring early educators.

Our team was excited to discuss the important role of data in early education with so many attendees. Whether child performance outcomes or family engagement trends, analyzing data can lead to better-informed decisions that drive improved outcomes for all children.

Analyze Program-Level Data Trends To Promote Equity

During the Reports for Administrators session, Dr. Krista Shambleau from Oakland schools shared the different ways she uses COR Advantage data to promote equity within her organization. While many of the reports in the COR Advantage system allow Krista to understand how the children in her program is doing, Krista explained how she uses the data export feature to answer unique program-level questions and identify specific trends. For example:

Krista demonstrated how she can answer these questions by exporting her data to excel, filtering, and creating pivot tables. And by answering these questions, she and the rest of her leadership team, can determine the appropriate policy response for her organization to ensure their resources and practices are supporting all children within their organization.

Track Family Communication To Establish Meaningful Connections

In the Reports for Teachers session, the COR Advantage team discussed the importance of setting family engagement goals and using data to measure progress towards those goals. Educators discussed the different ways they track interactions with families through the family engagement reports within COR Advantage. For example:

Examining family engagement data helps educators hold themselves accountable for bridging the home-school gap and ensuring families are able to extend child learning and development at home. And through understanding the ways in which families engage with the information they receive, it allows for deeper conversations and improved relationships with families.

Add and Monitor Program-Specific Goals To Drive Improvement

During the Tips and Tricks session, the COR Advantage team talked about ways to use COR Advantage to track program- and child-specific goals. Educators shared the particular goals that they like to track in their classrooms and programs. For example:

By gathering and analyzing data to answer these questions, educators can design purposeful lessons and individualize instruction to support all children.

We look forward to continuing to learn from early childhood educators, including our COR Advantage community, about additional ways to use data to continue to improve our practice and better serve our children.

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