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Family Resources for At-Home Learning: Building a Routine

By Holly Delgado | March 17, 2020

We have entered a time in our lives that is unprecedented; all around us, the world is coming to a grinding halt. Millions of children across the country are unable to attend school, but that doesn’t mean learning needs to stop. Our HighScope and COR Advantage teams understand the stress that comes along with the unexpected upheaval of our daily schedules and routines. However, we will persevere.

Whether your school closure is for two weeks, four weeks, or longer, our team strongly recommends building a routine into your own days at home. Maintaining a predictable schedule helps children feel secure and gives them a sense of control. Attempt to balance indoor and outdoor play, independent and adult-supported activities, and be sure to build in time for rest and relaxation.

Building a schedule that works for you and your child:

  1. Consider the elements of your child’s previous schedule and ask yourself the following questions:
    • Which aspects of the day can remain the same? (i.e., morning routine, mealtimes, bedtimes)
    • Which elements of your child’s school routine can you adapt at home? (e.g., play/choice/work time, music and movement, outside time)
  2. Work with your child to create the daily schedule.
    • Is screen time a part of your day? If so, be sure to set limits around the length of screen time allowed each day.
    • Incorporate numerous opportunities for active learning – activities that encourage child choice, hands-on manipulation of materials, support the development of language and thought, and allow adults to participate as partners in play.
    • Allow some flexibility for activities to overlap.
    • If parents are required to work from home, build in quiet time so you can “get-away” to accomplish your own work each day.
  3. Write your daily schedule on paper or poster board and have your child help illustrate each component of your new daily routine.
  4. Post your new schedule on a wall where it’s easily accessible to both you and your child.
    • Strive for consistency and refer to your schedule often those first few days, as children are learning their new routine.

Family Activities Packet

The HighScope and COR Advantage teams have created a packet of activity ideas for your first week. Activities are included for infants, toddlers, and preschool age children. Please watch for this packet of activity ideas to come out each week that children are home from school.

Download: Family Activities Packet 1 (PDF- English)

Download: Family Activities Packet 2 (PDF – Spanish)

Let’s ride out social distancing together!

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About Holly Delgado

Holly is an Early Childhood and Assessment Liaison as well as a former Demonstration Preschool teacher at HighScope Educational Research Foundation. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Central Michigan and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education from Northeastern Illinois. She has spent more than 10 years working in self-contained early childhood special education classrooms, inclusive classrooms, and home-based environments for children ages birth to five. She is a certified teacher in Michigan and Illinois and has experience as an education administrator for Head Start/Early Head Start programs. Holly is currently an adjunct professor of Early Childhood Education at Madonna University.