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Alphabet Dance: Integrating Music and Literacy

By HighScope | April 15, 2019

Originally published in HighScope’s Journal for Early Educators: The Active Learner

Try this literacy activity during large-group time. Children dance and move to music around alphabet cards the teacher has placed on the floor. When the music is turned off, children stop on one of the cards. For a fun variation, you can also have children help make the alphabet cards they use for the game.

Literacy Focus: Alphabet knowledge: Children identify and recognize letters of the alphabet




Note: The goal is to encourage children to talk about the letters without testing them on letter names and sounds. Some children will be very excited to name and talk about the letters they are standing on. Other children may simply look at letters without commenting. Support these children by talking about the letters they are standing on (e.g. Olive, you’re standing on the D. That’s the first letter in Dustin’s name).


Originally published by: HighScope Early Childhood Applied Practice. “Alphabet Dance” The Active Learner. 1.2 (2018): 39.

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