Valid and Reliable Assessment for All Children

COR Advantage, developed by HighScope and powered by Kaymbu's easy-to-use technology, is a whole-child assessment built on 36 items that are proven by research to best prepare children for school success. With the fewest items of any widely accepted early childhood assessment, COR Advantage powered by Kaymbu saves teachers time and keeps them focused on what matters most.

Assess the Whole Child

COR Advantage focuses on children’s naturally occurring activities rather than their performance on tests, allowing for a broader assessment of each child’s development. It can be used with any developmentally-appropriate curriculum, and assesses all key developmental areas of children’s progress. The comprehensive set of items and indicators help teachers track children’s progress relative to Kindergarten readiness, the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, Common Core Standards for Kindergarten, all state early learning standards, and HighScope Key Developmental Indicators (KDIs) at all age levels.

Embedded Support for Teachers

The quality of data in the reports you generate from an assessment system is only as good as the quality of the observations that teachers score. While teachers have access to a variety of free professional development courses online to ensure their assessments are accurate, COR Advantage also includes a scoring guide with sample anecdotes embedded into the teacher workflow. This allows teachers to quickly verify the accuracy of the levels they assign to observations.

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